Winning in an Unfair
Do you want and need answers
to life's perplexing questions? Are You or someone You know Experiencing  Hardships in this Unfair World?

Do you seek Wisdom, Adventure, Change in someone’s Life, maybe Your Own? 

Pay Attention my New Friends, You are about to Discover a Transformational Personal Experience in the Winning in an Unfair World book that Can Make You Believe in Something Special Again, Namely You! 

It is my pleasure to bring you two of my best selling works at this site.  The two e-books Winning in an Unfair World: The Foundation to Living a Happier More Successful Life, and Money Mind Connection can be purchased on the E-Books Page. These two books will bring you hours of reading enjoyment, and provide you with a new way of looking at your life from now on, a very enlightened perspective that will give you new insights and ways of dealing with difficult or new situations.  These books can inspire you to action, and empower you to make good decisions in your life.  The Winning in an Unfair World book, has a Money-Back-Guarantee.  See the "Tab Links" above for more information on the guarantee under the link for E-Books, and drop-down Tab Book Guarantee.

If you think the world is always fair to everyone, then this book is not for you.     Do you feel overwhelmed at times? Are you losing the competitive edge in winning in this unfair world?  Humanity has lost its way! Worldwide we witness the disintegration of family life, business life, political life and economic institutions. We experience failure of governments to take care of their own people as we experience an overall big mess of things politically, financially, socially, relationally and emotionally. We need to find our way through the disintegrating tumult of world and personal events.
Maybe you would just like to believe you could win occasionally. Well, this publication can help.

You may find some of the information a standard, however you will also find tools and ways for understanding this material in a surprisingly useful way that has changed peoples lives for the better.  For example, Karl was going to commit suicide before he read this book, but he has now realized that it is a matter of understanding his life that made the difference, or Pat that was planning on divorcing her husband, but now they are much happier together, or James that could not get a handle on his finances until he read the book.  It is a book that will let you see yourself clearer than ever before, and in doing so you will find a new success pathway.  In the Winning book, I will guide you all the way through the basics.   Get Your Personal Copy now. 

I know several people that will not allow even me to buy back or even see their own personal copy because it is filled with  their own life experience in notes and comments penned in the margins, so that they would not part with it for hundreds of dollars. You will NOT have to pay hundreds of dollars for this e-book although it is definitely worth it!   Listen up!  You can’t work with something you don’t have.     Get this book NOW  It Will assist You to change your life for the Better; I gaurentee it!

This is Your Time and Your Opportunity to get a way Out of the Recession in Your Life.  Click the "Buy Now" button  and buy both books.  Each will help, but if you can only afford one book get the Winning book.  It’s more comprehensive and has a guarantee.  However, if you really can't afford it financially, get the 4 dollar book and see how much your life can be improved.

Tell me how the books are helping you.

Dr. Rusch 

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If you seek self development through self help books and a proven quality of life personal development plan, which can and will model self improvement in a turn around for your life, winning in an unfair world is for you!

Peak performance through distinct strategies in personal development and professional development modeling is only possible with a personal trainer and mentor that cares about your success.

Self help in personality development comes through improvement in ones thoughts, feelings and actions. These will account for most of our relationship issues we all have on a day to day basis. Winning in an unfair world deals with these functions and helps the reader turn around his or her personality development through modeling examples and distinct applications to life’s challenges.

Each our lives were formed over several years of training, culture and nurturing. We examine your life and consider the strategies that will model the exact quality of life you want and deserve.

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